Judgment and getting my money if a debtor moves out of state

It is not unusual for someone who owes you money to move to a different state or have assets located in a different state than the state where the original judgment was issued. Recently on our legal forum a user asked, “If I sued someone and received a judgment for payment from the court but the debtor has moved to another state, what are my rights to have my judgment enforced.” Continue reading

Want to be debt free can bankruptcy help?

For many Americans the idea of living debt free is simply a dream, something they only hoped to experience. Whether it’s personal loans, car payments, mortgage payments, school loans, or credit card balances, most Americans owe thousands of dollars in unsecured and secured debt obligations. Recently on our bankruptcy forum a user asked, “I am sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Will filing bankruptcy help me live debt free?”

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Identity theft steps to protect myself?

Identity theft, which occurs when someone steals your personal, medical, or financial information, is a growing problem. In fact, in 2014 alone, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recorded 332,646 identity theft complaints, up slightly from 2013. The FTC estimates that the cost associated with identity theft is just a bit higher than one billion dollars per year, an average of more than $2,000 per incident. Continue reading

Payday loan debt collectors are hounding me what can I do?

Despite what experts are calling an “economic recovery,” the truth is millions of Americans are still struggling each month to pay their bills, including pay day loans. If you are unable to pay your debts it’s not surprising that payday loan debt collectors are calling demanding repayment. In fact, it’s not unusual for payday loan debt collectors to try to create a false sense of urgency or offer deals to settle the debts.

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Chapter 7 Oklahoma bankruptcy filing a second time?

Unfortunately, some debtors who have filed bankruptcy in the past may find that over the next five, seven, or ten years their financial situation has not changed and they continue to have debts they cannot pay. Whether it’s due to a job loss, severe illness, or simply bad money management, federal banking laws do allow many debtors to file bankruptcy a second time.Recently on our bankruptcy forum a user asked, “I filed a Chapter 7 Oklahoma bankruptcy in 2010. I am wondering if I can file bankruptcy again, and if not, what are my options to pay my bills?”

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Child support back pay and Chapter 7

Child support is monthly payments paid to care for a child’s necessary living expenses, including clothing, housing, education, and food. Additional payments may also be mandated by the court to pay for educational costs and health care. Child support is mandated by the state and established by state child support guidelines whether the parents live apart, whether they are separated, divorced, or never married.

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Bankruptcy filing fees how can I get them reduced?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows debtors to discharge certain unsecured debts, enabling them to make a fresh financial start. At one time this process was relatively affordable. Now, due to increased bankruptcy filing fees, mandatory credit counseling and debt management classes, and increased costs to hire a bankruptcy lawyer, many debtors do not have the funds to file bankruptcy.

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Payday loans should I get one?

Despite what some have called an economic recovery, many individuals and families are struggling to make ends meet. Recently on our bankruptcy forum a user asked, “I lost my job last month and need money fast. I have heard about the dangers of getting payday loans, but I don’t see another option. I live in California. If I do decide to get a payday loan what do I need to know?”

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Death what are the first steps to solve financial crisis?

If you are a widow without income, life insurance, and increasing debts, you may need help. Recently on our bankruptcy forum a debtor wrote, “I was widowed eight years ago after my husband died suddenly of an aneurysm. He did not have an insurance policy. We never had much credit card debt but with the costs of living and my inability to find work I am facing a financial crisis after his death. What can I do?”

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