Sample Turnover -Final Notice letter

Re: Stay Violation — FINAL NOTICE

Bankruptcy Case Number: [General|Case Number]
Account Number: [Creditor|Account Number]

Dear Sir or Madam:

I represent[General|MrAndMsLastName] in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy proceeding. We have included the debt owed your organization in that Bankruptcy Petition and mailed you a copy on [General|Date Filed]. We also faxed you a copy of their Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case and proof of full coverage insurance and requested that the vehicle be returned immediately.

I have not been contacted with a time and location for my client to pick up the vehicle. If you do not fax me the time and location where my client can pick up the vehicle before 2:30 on [[[INSERT DATE]]] I will file a motion to turnover with court. Your violation of federal bankruptcy law has caused my client to suffer damages and your continued willful violation will cause those damages to multiply.

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