Sample Reaffirmation Letter to Client


Debtor Name & Address


RE: Reaffirmation Agreement from Creditor Name

Dear Debtor:

I am sending a reaffirmation agreement from Creditor Name concerning your debt with them. If you wish to reaffirm the debt, please sign the reaffirmation agreement where I have hi-lighted and return it to our office as soon as possible.

DO NOT FAX THIS FORM TO OUR OFFICE, WE MUST HAVE THE SIGNED ORIGINAL. If you sign the reaffirmation agreement you will be liable for this debt after the bankruptcy is completed. Your signature on this agreement basically removes that debt from the bankruptcy proceedings and should you later default on the agreement, the creditor may take any action they deem necessary to collect the debt. In other words, the bankruptcy filing and discharge will not protect you.

If you do not wish to reaffirm the debt, the creditor will insist that you surrender the collateral. Please sign the bottom of this page and return to our office. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Pursuant to our agreement, should you have any questions please use the enclosed form or you can send an e-mail.

Closing and signature

Enclosure: Reaffirmation from Creditor Name

I do not wish to reaffirm this debt. ______________________ Date ____________________

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