What is a Discharge?

Discharge is the term for what comes after a completion of a Bankruptcy. With that comes the satisfaction of knowing what ever was discharged you will never have to pay on again an after the 7 to 10 years it will fall off your credit. Once you have your discharge this the time creditors will start judging you and your credit again. A car company will still be fairly hard on you the first year meaning a high interest rate, so if the need for a car is there go to the new car dealers but look at the year or two old cars or the cheapest new car. This way in a year or two when you start looking again the interest rate will be in line and you will not be to far upside down on this car. Credit cards will start sending offers but be very careful about which offers you take. The $250 deposit for a $250 credit limit could be a total scam meaning you get the card and already over the limit. So read all offers because a credit card will help you rebuild your credit. After the filing of a bankruptcy you need to make sure to make all payments on time.
So if you do have things that are charged off that is not the same as discharged, you should talk to a Bankruptcy Attorney.

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