Bankruptcy and the Scorn of a Woman

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This personal bankruptcy story was recently shared by a female blogger concerning a pending bankruptcy and the scorn she held for her fiance whom failed to support her when having to file for bankruptcy protection.

The blogger wrote: “I am so sick and tired of my fiance calling me a loser for filing a Chapter 13. I had a thriving business before the economy went sour and the business went under. I found a low paying job and just could not pay the bills with that job so that is why I filed.
Yes, I was living above my means but I have learned a valuable lesson from that and will never do it again. I have found out I love paying cash for everything I need to buy now. It feels good to walk into the grocery store and whip out the cash and not the credit card to pay for the items I just bought.
I have $3700 left on my bankruptcy plan and then I will be done. And you know what? I have that amount saved and put away so I am going to make it through my Chapter 13. It is going to feel so good when I am done and can say to my fiance, “guess what? I am debt free.”
Meanwhile, I watch him sink further and further into debt. He maxes out one credit card and applies for a new one, then starts maxing that one out. I have to admit I kind of am enjoying watching it happen. When I get my discharge I am packing up and moving out on this A-Hole and ending the engagement and starting my new life without him. And I am going to do it with a smile on my face and with pride.”

There is nothing like the scorn of a woman!

We learn later on in the blog thread that the woman plans to walk away without telling her fiance while leaving the engagement ring on the table. No explanation, nothing.

I have written this real life illustration to point out to you readers just how important support is for those going through bankruptcy. Bankruptcy and divorce have a lot in common. Both are negative experiences that none of us want to happen, but both represent a chance at a new beginning.

Going through the experience of both bankruptcy and divorce also requires a certain amount of determination to overcome the negativity that surrounds each. Support from others helps us to deal with the emotions associated with the negativity. Many blogging on the bankruptcy thread suggested that had the fiance shown any type of emotional support whatsoever, maybe the woman would not have been considering a divorce before the marriage ever took place.

The same can be said for your relationship between you as a filing debtor and your bankruptcy lawyer. If you have to file for bankruptcy protection, pick an experienced lawyer you feel will not only give you good legal support during your bankruptcy but will provide you with support for a positive mental frame of mind it requires for successfully going through a Chapter 13.

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