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Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney

When faced with such a serious financial problem that you have to file for bankruptcy, perhaps the smartest and safest thing to do would be to let the professionals guide you through the rough waters. But once you have taken the decision to consult a bankruptcy attorney, you might find yourself lost about where to find a qualified one.

How to Find a Local Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are ready to find out if bankruptcy can help improve your financial situation, the best place to start is our Free Case Evaluation form. Complete the form below and an attorney near you will call you to discuss your options.

Tip on finding an attorney: The law differs from state to state so it's important that you discuss your case with a local bankruptcy attorney. The form only takes a few minutes to complete, and it's a simple way to quickly evaluate your case with a local lawyer... so get started now!

Looking up an Attorney in The Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages is a helpful source with a vast amount of information. Attorneys are usually categorized by their field of specialization. Looking under the sub-heading of 'Bankruptcy Attorneys' should give you a list of attorneys who could help you out. Even so, it would be a good idea to use the Yellow Pages just as a starting point to familiarize yourself with the attorneys near you.

Recommendations by Other Attorneys

Another way to go about finding yourself a qualified bankruptcy attorney is by referral from those who are more familiar with the field. If there are other attorneys you know, they might be able to make some helpful recommendations.

Bankruptcy Attorney

Ask Your Family and Friends

Unfortunately, because of duty of confidentiality lawyers cannot share the information about their current or past clients unless they have permission to do so. It would have been ideal to be able to talk to clients to find out the competence of a lawyer, but since that is not always possible you can try talking to close and trusted family and friends who might guide you in the right direction. These recommendations from experiences family members and friends will give you an insight into the lawyer’s competence and also the relationship he or she shares with their clients.

All of our bankruptcy lawyers offer free consultations and all are experienced.

Contacting one of Our Bankruptcy Attorneys

Do not be hasty in your choice of an attorney. Consider if the attorney makes you comfortable and is considerate about your problem. Try to see if the attorney/staff are organized, punctual and work well together. Last but not the least, you should also ensure that matters about fees and payment are settled.

The first consultation with our bankruptcy attorney is free. At this time the client should honestly explain his or her situation to the attorney and try to gauge if they are comfortable with the attorney and their staff. At the same time our attorney will give you feedback on your situation and the options thereon.

When conversing with our attorney, find out how long he or she has been in practice, what the specifics of their specialization are, approximately how many cases they have handled and what your expectations should be from the attorney in terms of representation. Also find out if the attorney will be personally attending to your case and that it will not be passed on to a junior lawyer or staff. Ask as many questions as you need and make sure you are comfortable with the fact that you are appointing them as your bankruptcy attorney.

Though the fee of an attorney is an important consideration, do not make that the only factor when making a choice. The bottom-line is your level of comfort and the confidence you feel toward the attorney. Give us an opportunity, and be rest assured that your case is in safe hands.

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