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Advantages and Disadvantages for Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The average layman is not familiar with bankruptcy terms and often may not understand every purpose for filing for bankruptcy protection. Since filing bankruptcy helps debtors to start a financially fresh new life, bankruptcy laws have been written in an attempt to meet any financially bankrupt situation a debtor may find themselves. There are many types of bankruptcies a debtor can file, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages for filing them. This article is about the advantages and disadvantages for filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Continue reading

How Incurring Debt Can Help You in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


It may seem strange to the debtor who is considering filing for bankruptcy protection to hear that incurring debt can help them into a chapter 7 bankruptcy instead of being forced to file a chapter 13. Continue reading

Filing Chapter 13 in Lieu of a Chapter 7 Out of Convenience


Should you ever file a chapter 13 bankruptcy when you can file a chapter 7 bankruptcy, just for the sake of convenience? The simple answer is that it all depends on your situation. There are circumstances that it is in your advantage for filing chapter 13 in lieu of a chapter 7. Continue reading

Garnishment of Wage and Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Georgia

A debtor from Georgia who was blogging on a bankruptcy forum website recently asked questions about garnishment of wage and filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Basically, the debtor wanted to know if filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in Georgia would stop the garnishment of her husband’s wages. Continue reading

List Every Creditor Possibility When Filing Bankruptcy

Inevitably, a pro se filer will fail to list a particular creditor when filing an application for bankruptcy. Then, the filer wants to know what they can do about the situation after the fact. A good rule of thumb is to list every creditor possibility before the when filing for bankruptcy protection. This ensures you more success in filing and whole lot less stress later on. Continue reading