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Disease Can Cause More than a Bankruptcy


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Juvenile Disc generation, a part of the Lumbar Scheuermann’s disease, is a disease that starts in juveniles causing spinal parts in their Lumbar region to have pits in the discs of their spine.

In latter years of the Scheuermann’s disease, when the discs begin to deteriorate, the condition can be painful and debilitating. Up until that time, and the time varies from patient to patient, Scheuermann’s disease may go undetected because pain is not really associated with the condition until the discs begin to deteriorate and rub against the spinal nerve.

Under some circumstances, Scheuermann’s disease can deteriorate the discs of the spine so that the person with the disease might eventually become disabled.

When the disease has caused your spine to deteriorate to the point you have unbearable pain, there are only about 3 options left for you in today’s medical world to help you alleviate the pain.

Option One is a Conservative Approach.

You can push through pain until the disk is completely degenerated. Once that happens there will be no more pain. Conservative treatments of Scheuermann’s disease can help you push through the pain and may include one or combinations of the following:

  1. Medicines
  2. Chiropractic or osteopathic manipulations
  3. Epidural injections
  4. TENS units
  5. Physical therapy (exercises, stretching)

Options Two and Three are Radical Options.

Radical options for Scheuermann’s disease are invasive in nature. They are normally not recommended for the vast majority who has this disease, but there have been abnormal cases reported where the deterioration has called for radical options.

  1. Radical option two for curing the symptoms of Scheuermann’s disease is surgical spinal fusion of the disc involved. Here, the surgeon scrapes out the disc material, places pins and a plate where the disc was and allows the bone to fuse.

One of the downsides to spinal fusion is that it is very invasive and has the potential of limiting your skeletal movements when completed. Recovery time from the operation can be long and painful. Normal movement varies from person to person.

  1. Radical option three for curing the symptoms of Scheuermann’s disease is a relatively new surgical procedure called spinal disc replacement. Here, a surgeon uses not so invasive a technique going through the abdomen and replaces the disc with a specialized disc.

The downside to disc replacement is that many insurance companies will not cover the cost because it is such a new procedure here in the United States. Recovery time is much faster. Skeletal and body movement are usually not hindered.

Scheuermann’s disease can disable a person. When you are disabled, your disability can cause the inability to work. Combine the facts you may be disabled and cannot work with the fact you have large medical bills, and you have a recipe for bankruptcy. Since the disease can cause you to be both disabled and bankrupt, disease can cause more than a bankruptcy.

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