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America’s economy and its fake recovery

Is the American economy really improving? Despite what Washington, President Obama and other politicians will tell you, top financial adviser and best-selling author, Peter Schiff, reports that politicians are in a “massive campaign” to dupe the American public into believing the economy is on the road to recovery. Schiff argues that what Americans can actually expect is significant market losses in the future and an economic crash.

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Declining birth rate economically threatens the U.S.

Americans may not realize it yet, but according to researchers, there is a demographic nightmare looming in Western nations, specifically in the United States. There are fewer babies being born in the U.S. per capita than at any time in the history of the United States. The declining birth rate is a troubling trend, especially if combined with another one- the number of senior citizens is growing.

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When Laws Clash During Bankruptcy Cases

departing LAX

When laws clash. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The American Airlines bankruptcy case has become a primary example of how bankruptcy laws can sometimes clash with other federal laws. The Department of Justice has filed an antitrust violation against the airline giant at the same time the corporation wants their chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization plan confirmed. There is a lot at stake for both sides of the argument. Continue reading

Taking a Closer Look at the Process of Bankruptcy

Many laymen do not realize that filing bankruptcy is a process that can take years to complete, depending on the type of bankruptcy filed. This article takes a closer look at the process of bankruptcy. Continue reading

Removing a Lien on a Title After Paying Off a Loan in Bankruptcy

Many times during a chapter 13 bankruptcy plan, a debtor will pay off a secured loan in the process. In removing a lien on a title of a secured asset, the lending institution has their rules about how to release the title and lien on the asset. How soon should the filing debtor expect to receive the title on a secured asset after paying off the loan in a chapter 13 plan? Continue reading

More Seniors Heading Toward That Bridge

 I am a first year generation baby boomer. I am currently old enough to retire, and I consider myself an average baby boomer facing retirement. My assessment about my situation is a little bleak. I feel like if our federal government doesn’t do what it says it was going to do, there might be more seniors heading toward that bridge one day in which you get out of the weather to live under. Continue reading

Voluntary Filings in the Bankruptcy Process

In bankruptcy law, there are different types of chapters within bankruptcies, but there are only two ways these types of bankruptcies can be filed- voluntarily or involuntarily. Most bankruptcies filed are voluntary filings in the bankruptcy process. Continue reading

Understanding the Role of the Trustee During Bankruptcy

Understanding the role of the trustee during bankruptcy is an important concept to new filers because the term trustee is bandied about and used for different responsibilities in different types of bankruptcies. Continue reading