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  1. Bankruptcy Glossary
  2. Conversion

What is Conversion?

Conversion can be involuntary or voluntary. Converted cases will have the same case number but will have a different Trustee appointed to oversee the administration of the case and will adhere to different bankruptcy rules. Debtors may voluntarily request their Chapter 7 Bankruptcy be converted to a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy if they would like to retain assets and complete debt payments with a debt repayment plan or to make payments on a claim that a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy does not discharge.

Conversions may be involuntary if, for instance, a debtor is not able to complete debt payments by filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or if a debtor is not eligible to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy due to abuses. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy cases can be converted to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy claim if the trustee has not been appointed, the case was involuntarily converted to a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy or the case was begun as an involuntary bankruptcy case.