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Credit Report

Credit Report

The credit reporting agencies do not share information with each other, and lenders do not subscribe to each service. An individual's information with each service may vary in completeness and detail. Common details on a credit report include payment history for loans, credit cards, accounts with major retailers, tax liens, student loans and child support (if in default).

Other common banking information which may only appear if an individual defaults on their loan or it is sent to a collection agency can include: utility bills (water, telephone, gas), legal bills, medical bills and lease payments.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulates the activities of credit reporting agencies and requires them to investigate consumer disputes, report information fairly and accurately and make all necessary corrections in a timely manner. Companies are not required to send payment history information to credit agencies. Individuals who are purchasing a new home or automobile should review their credit reports.

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The two most common consumer bankruptcies are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, our sponsoring lawyers handle these types exclusively so you can be sure you are getting accurate legal advice when you file bankruptcy. Our Bankruptcy attorneys will fight to protect your rights and your property, fight the aggressive and annoying creditors for you, and they can help you keep your home, vehicles and other property.

A lawyer will be committed to getting you debt relief and providing you with valuable information, services and advice to get you a better financial future. There are many convenient locations to make filing bankruptcy or learning about the alternatives we offer, even easier.

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