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  1. Bankruptcy Glossary
  2. Docket

What is a Docket?

The docket will provide information about the following: bankruptcy case number, the court the case is assigned to, the judge assigned to the case, the parties involved in the Bankruptcy, the names of the bankruptcy attorneys, the status of the bankruptcy case, the type of relief demanded, all the events of the case, the hearing information, type of claim, criminal information and a summary of the documents on file with the Bankruptcy Court.

The attorneys of the bankruptcy case may review the docket to get information about the case and help all parties meet their deadlines for bankruptcy filings.

Although the term docket originally referenced a large folio book maintained by the court clerk, dockets can now be accessed online as the bankruptcy courts have increased their electronic filing process. Many dockets include links for information about bankruptcy filings, orders, judges, attorneys, pleading and decisions. The term also may be used to refer to the schedule or calendars of the bankruptcy court including the hearings and arguments. Dockets can also be called a bench docket, a docket sheet or a judicial record.