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  1. Bankruptcy Glossary
  2. Objection to Discharge

What is Objection to Discharge?

Bankruptcy discharge is generally allowed (for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy) three to five years after the bankruptcy petition is filed and the debtor has completed their debt repayment plan. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharges can occur generally six to nine months after the first creditor's meeting. If the debtor has no assets to liquidate the process can be quick, inexpensive and simple.

Bankruptcy Court may reject discharge if:

  • The Chapter 7 debtor obtained the discharge through fraudulent means.
  • The Chapter 7 debtor did not disclose property they acquired that created a bankruptcy estate.
  • The Chapter 7 debtor performed improper acts which are outlined in section 727(a)(6) of the Bankruptcy Code.
  • The Chapter 13 debtor obtained their discharge for bankruptcy or the confirmation for their Chapter 13 debt repayment plan through fraud.